Sharing Records

What does it mean to share records? It means you can share volunteers, opportunities, organizations or clients with other organizations – all you need is to have sharing enabled and the exact address of the organization you want to share with.


The address that we are referring to is the exact spelling (lower case and upper case) that the shared organization used when they opened an account with our Client Services.


Here is how to do it:


First, select the record(s) that you want to share.

Second, click the Share button or point to the "Tools" menu bar at the top of your screen until you see the drop down box where you can selectShare Records.


Third, review the "Record Sharing and Transfer" screen piece by piece. It is not particularly complicated but there are several elements that need to be explained in more detail: Address Book, Ownership, Messages, and Viewing Shared Records.



Below are the pieces of the screen that will appear in the "Record Sharing and Transfer" window:


Use this search if you already have the organization you want to share with in your address book below.

Or, if you need to add the name of the organization you want to share with, enter the name in the "New Address" field and click "Add New." Your new organization will appear in the address book as shown below.

To select the organization to share with, highlight the organization name on the left and click the ">>" button to move it to the "Recipients" list on the right.

Above is a message that the recipient organization will receive when they see your shared volunteers.


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