Receiving Records

Receiving Records

When someone else has shared a record with your account a "Newly shared records" button will appear over the "Folder Manager" button.


When you click the "Newly Shared Records" button a pop up box with the message the sender entered will appear.

The record(s) that will be shown are the ones sent with this message. If other records were sent the "Newly shared records" button will still be visible after you have looked at these. If you click the button again, you will see the message for the next set of records. You still have new records as long as the "Newly shared records" button is visible.


The new records appear in the "Inbox" folder. If you click "Finish" to show the new records, all you see in the grid are the new records. Because the new records open in the "Inbox" you will not be able to see the records in your main "My Data" grid. Panicking and hitting the "Show all" button will not help, but if you select the "My data" folder you will see the main grid again without stress.


To move records from your Inbox to other folders please see the section on Folders.

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