eRecruiter is an essential part of eCoordinator and it fits seamlessly into your organization's website. eRecruiter is a tremendously flexible product. When your eRecruiter account was set-up, choices were made by you and our staff to figure out what your organization wanted or needed. Because your account has been customized, you may or may not have all of the following options:


A website that your volunteers can:

Register online
Authorize a background check
Access their own profiles to make changes to their personal information using the tools that eRecruiter provides
Sign-up for opportunity schedule slots
View the opportunities with which they have been placed or referred


An additional option is having other organizations or agencies register with you and post their opportunities. This is called an "Organization eRecruiter."


In Release 6.1, a new optional look for eRecruiter was introduced. This new format:

Eliminates popups,
Allows for fields in the eRecruiter volunteer profiles to be rearranged in any order with any field on any section or all fields on a single tab,
Drop down list user defined fields can be displayed as radio buttons or check boxes,
The volunteer profile has vertically expanding and collapsing sections instead of tabs, and
The eRecruiter can be customized to provide a much more attractive look and feel that more closely matches the your website.


Any eRecruiter built after the Release 6.1 utilize the new options. If you have an older version of eRecruiter it will continue to operate the same as before. Implementing this change to your older version of eRecruiter is not automatic and requires customization work or upgrading to the current version of eRecruiter. Consequently, there is a cost associated with making the change to the new eRecruiter format. For information about the cost of the customization work, contact Client Services at 1-888-904-6060. Unless specifically requested, your older version of eRecruiter will continue to operate the same as before and no additional costs are incurred.


Release 6.8 introduced a significant change to how eCoordinator and eRecruiter interact with one another. Up until version 6.8, an placements and referrals made via eRecruiter were controlled by that specific eRecruiter account. When volunteers would search for opportunities and eventually find one that they would like to sign-up for, they would click the sign-up button. What happened at that point was determined by your eRecruiter. Upon clicking to sign-up, the volunteer was either referred, placed, or both:

The image above is taken from Recruiter Management System (RMS), and is the back-end control system for your eRecruiter. It is available only to customers who have leased licenses for that product. As you can see, when volunteers click to sign-up, eRecruiter had all control over the behavior of the system.


So the default setting of your eRecruiter to either place or refer volunteers upon sign-up is applied to all of your opportunities. However, some of your programs may strictly control sign-ups, requiring the eRecruiter to refer volunteers, while other programs may rather have the placements be automatic. eCoordinator now offers an option to designate which opportunities will place volunteers, and whichwill only refer them, and overrides your eRecruiter default setting:

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