Accessing eRecruiter

Accessing eRecruiter

Before anyone can login to eRecruiter, they need to have a user ID and password. If someone entered the volunteer in eCoordinator they would have had to create a user ID and password for them at that time. If the volunteer registered using eRecruiter, they would have created their own user ID and password.


To view a volunteer's user ID select the Volunteer tab in your eCoordinator account, select the volunteer by checking the box next to their name. Select "Edit" from the column of buttons on the left side of your screen. The volunteer profile opens to the page with "Personal" information.

You will be able to see the User ID, but the password will be masked. If the volunteer has forgotten his or her password you can delete the data in the fiend, and type in a new one. You will have to verify the new password by typing it over again in the "Verify password" box. Similarly, you can change the User ID if you would like.


If you used "password" for everyone's password, do not worry about it. The volunteer can change it to something top secret (but at least six characters long) after they have logged in for the first time.


Your eCoordinator user ID and password will not work in eRecruiter. In order to access eRecruiter, you must be a volunteer (the best way to get around this is to set yourself up with a user ID and password).

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