Using eRecruiter with Background Check System

Using eRecruiter with Background Check System

Volunteers may register on your web site by clicking the "Volunteer Registration" link. However, if your organization requires background checks for volunteers, eRecruiter is a wonderful place to get permission from volunteers to run those background checks.


When a volunteer clicks the "Volunteer Registration" link, the system can be set up to have the volunteers accept a set of terms and conditions that you specify.

Once they accept the terms and conditions, a window will open where the volunteer will give you permission to run a background check on them. The questions available on your eRecruiter were customized to meet your needs.


When the volunteer authorizes the background check and clicks "Next" they will be prompted to fill out basic profile information. This simple registration prompts a volunteer through only one screen in the volunteer profile before the background check. The only required fields on this screen are First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, User ID, Password and Email.


eRecruiter can be set up to AUTOMATICALLY submit background check requests, or this is a process you can do manually.


If the background check is automatically submitted and comes back clean, the volunteer will be able to fill out the rest of their profile. They will also automatically receive an email, that you set up, indicating they are approved.

When they are finished filling out the information needed to complete a background check, they will receive the following message.

If the background check comes back clean, they will see:

From here, a volunteer will have full access to their eRecuiter Main Menu where they can complete their profile, search for opportunities and access all other options available through your eRecruiter.


If, for some reason, the background check can not be done immediately, the volunteer will see:


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