Logging In to eRecruiter

Logging In to eRecruiter

If a volunteer has previously registered they can login directly. If a volunteer has forgotten their password, the volunteer has the option to click on "Forgot my password" and a reminder will be sent to their e-mail. If the volunteer does not have an email, it will be necessary for the volunteer to speak with an eCoordinator user. Additionally, if an "unregistered" volunteer accidentally lands on the "Login" page they can select the link to register as a new volunteer.


Click on "Login" to login as a volunteer and enter your user ID and password. Click the "Login" button.

The "Main Menu" as a volunteer opens. In eRecruiter each of these options in blue is a link. Volunteers may or may not have all the links pictured in the image above, depending on how your organization has chosen to use eRecruiter.

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