Post Event Reporting

Post Event Reporting

With version 6.4, Samaritan introduced "post-event reporting" capabilities into the software. This functionality allows volunteers to sign up for an opportunity and also report hours for it if it has already happened. For example, volunteer John Smith spent much of the summer assisting with the trail maintenance project in the state park near his home, but never signed up for the opportunity. At the end of the fiscal year, the state parks are asking him to report his hours in order for them to be competitive in renewing some of their grants. John could easily go to the post-event reporting screen of the eRecruiter, find the opportunity, and report his hours, which also places him with the opportunity.


Be careful when setting this up, as you may not desire that all opportunities or surveys be accessed in this way. If you have vulnerable populations like children, the elderly or disabled, you will need to work with Client Services to ensure that your eRecruiter is configured properly.


Organization eRecruiters and post-event reporting: Beginning with version 6.9.1, the post-event reporting survey screen now includes the ability to add "Organization Registration" links, giving your partner organizations another entry point into which they can register their organization.

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