Accessing "View My Schedule"

Accessing "View My Schedule"

If you have been scheduled in an opportunity slot you may click on the "View My Schedule" link to see your schedule. The schedule displays the opportunities and times for the volunteer for 31 days from today's date. If the Opportunity is listed in blue and underlined, that means it is a hypertext link that the volunteer can click on and send an email to the Opportunity Contact Person. With Release 6.2, the schedule will appear in a calendar format.

Scrolling over the scheduled assignment provides information about the from the Opportunities detail screen. Clicking on the event will display the schedule slot at the bottom of the calendar.


For ease of use, when a volunteer selects a day on the calendar by clicking it, the color of that calendar cell will change to a highlighted color. Also, as you can see immediately below the calendar, more information appears, which can include the slot title, start and end times, slot description, and location information.


If you utilize a pre-6.1 eRecruiter, this page will appear as follows:

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