Using the Function Buttons on the Left-Side Panel

Using the Function Buttons on the Left-Side Panel

In the work area for each tab you will see a column of buttons on the left side of your screen. It is important to realize which tab is selected when you are looking at the buttons. (Shown are the buttons you see when the "Volunteers" tab is selected.) The buttons correspond to the main data grid of all four tabs.


For example, if you want to email volunteers, this action must be done from the "Volunteers" tab. To find volunteers for a specific opportunity, you should place or refer them from the "Opportunities" tab.

If the buttons look grayed-out and nothing happens when you click on them, it is because you have not chosen any profiles to work with. You can select Billie Brown's volunteer profile by checking the box to the left of her name in the data grid. Once a profile has been selected, all of the buttons on your screen become active.


The "Edit" and "Refer/Place" buttons are only available for one record at a time. If you have multiple records selected, these buttons will be grayed-out.


You will not see the "Background Check" button if this feature is not turned on in your account.

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