Search System

Search System

The "Named Searches" drop down box is where the "Search System" is found.

First, click the "Search System" button. The window that pops up displays a list of any previously saved searches. If you have not yet created any searches, this list will be empty. Click the "New" button to create a search.


The first field on the screen is the search name. A name that specifies what you are searching for is best. For example, if you are looking for birthdays in March, name it "March Birthdays." You will be glad that you named the search something obvious because it will be easy to find the next time you need it.


You may want to fill this field out last.Sometimes it is easier to come up with a name AFTER you have defined all your search criteria.


If you are not the only user accessing this eCoordinator account and would like for others to be able to use this search, select the checkbox labeled "Make this named search available to all users of this account."


Next, decide what you need to know about your search. Are you looking for volunteers, opportunities, organizations or clients where all of the search criteria must match? Or would you like to see records that match any of the search criteria? Use the radio buttons below to decide:


Next, ask yourself, "what am I searching for?" Does the search contain a specific value or set of characters? If so, then the criteria will "equal" or "include" the specific value or set of characters. Are you looking only for the volunteers that filled in a specific field? If so, then the criteria you would use is "empty" or is "not empty." Once you know what you are looking for, entering search criteria is easy. How about if we perform a simple search and look for all volunteers with March birthdays so we can send them a greeting? The criterion would be that the date of birth would include a certain value.


When you click on "Date of birth includes" the screen will refresh with a place for you to insert values.

In the case of March birthdays, the value that you want to go with your criterion is "Mar." Then simply click "Finish" to complete creating a search for volunteers with birthdays in March. Select "OK." Click the "Add" button in cases where you want to add additional criteria to this search.


Now "March Birthdays" is a listed search on the Volunteer page in the "Named Searches" drop down box. When you select a search, like March Birthdays, the screen will refresh and only volunteers that match your search criteria will appear.




Below is a sample of a detailed search. In this search, each criteria is searching for specific fields we have in our database, so, we used the Search Criteria "equals." This volunteer wants to be a mentor for children OR has the desire to learn basketball OR canning/freezing, OR, is available on Thursday evenings. To add a 5th criteria, we would just click the "Add" button below the last criterion added.




You can add up to five search criteria within the same search.


Text searches for "includes" and "does not include" can have an empty "Value" box. Think of the concept of "empty" as meaning "anything." For example, if you do a search for "City does not include" and you do not enter a value, this means that you are saying, "City does not include anything." This search will look for records where the field "City" was not entered. Conversely, if you create a search for "City includes" and you do not enter a value, this means you are saying, "City includes anything." This search will look for records where something was entered in the "City" field. This type of search is sometimes called a "wild card" search.


You can sort the grids that are the results of searches.


When you are finished using the information in your search, click the "Show All" button to see all of your records again.


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