History Tab

eCoordinator 6.8 introduced the long-requested History tab. This tab can be turned on in any of these profiles:


Schedule Slot



The History tab includes the following features:



Have you ever wanted to be able to type notes on a volunteer profile, but did not want to create a new notes fields, or replace notes that had already been entered? Or did you want to know who most recently made updates to a profile, and when? The Notes field on the new History tab will not only store notes like a diary, but also date/time stamp, and append the note with the name of the eCoordinator user. This field also keeps track of any and all changes made to the profile, likewise with date/time and signature stamps. Histories and Notes are available for Log Book entries and for Volunteer, Client, Opportunity, Organization, and Schedule Slot profiles.


The History Report allows you to view, export or print a report of all hand-typed notes, profile changes, or both! Here are all of the ways you can filter your history report:

1. Everything
2. Only notes
3. Only profile changes
4. Only placements

Only referrals


You may also approve Organizations, Opportunities and Clients from the History tab.


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