Opportunity Profile Tabs

Opportunity Profile Tabs

There are a lot of tabs for Opportunities. These are the tabs for accessing the different attribute sets. Most of the tabs are self-explanatory, but some that may need more explanation are: Main Info, Organization, Contact Info, Location Info, Survey Groups, Logged Data, Surveys, User Defined and Restrictions. Your account will most likely NOT have all of the tabs seen above. Shown above is a complete list of all the tabs available in eCoordinator. To make your account more useable for you, your account was customized to include ONLY the tabs and information your Organization needed.

Notice that your Opportunity Profile closely matches your Volunteer Profile. This allows you to use our "Intelli-Match" system and allows volunteers logging in through eRecruiter to search for opportunities that match their profiles. Please refer to Profile Matching to understand how "Intelli-Match" works. If your account is NOT customized, or you would like to further customize your account, please contact us.

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