People go about setting up their objectives and impact tracking in different ways. You may already have an excellent system in place and this can be one of the tools that you use in connection with your existing system. Or you may be one of those who has thought a lot about impact, but has yet to figure out exactly how to deal with it. There is no right way or wrong way to set these things up. The way that is easiest for you and suits your style is the right way.


We are going to look at one way you can start thinking about and organizing objectives right now using Surveys as your springboard.


Think about the kinds of information that you would like to have that would be connected to the opportunity or opportunities that you are working on. You might want to know how many volunteer hours go into this particular activity. That is something that traditionally has been tracked pretty well. But how about less tangible things, like feelings? Did you enjoy tutoring the children in reading? Do the children feel better about themselves after tutoring? Would you tutor again? When combined with things like test scores, these types of information give us a much richer picture of what we are accomplishing. If your objective is to increase the self-esteem of low-income children, number of volunteer hours probably is not going to demonstrate the effectiveness of that program; surveys and logged data help make this easy.


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