Preparing Surveys for Volunteers

Preparing Surveys for Volunteers

The surveys are set up in eCoordinator in the Tools> Administrative Options menu as well as from the opportunity profile. Starting with eCoordinator 6.2, a survey can now be connected to one or many opportunities. From within a particular opportunity profile you can view all available surveys, which surveys the particular opportunity is using, change the order of presentation, or add, edit, and delete a survey. Please keep in mind if you delete any given survey you delete it for any other opportunity also using it. If you no longer desire the volunteers of a particular opportunity to respond to that survey, simply move it out of the category, "Surveys used by this opportunity." Surveys are created at the account level and are attached as you desire to specific opportunities.


Surveys may also be managed from the Tools> Administrative Options menu. This vantage displays surveys on a global level, meaning all surveys and all opportunities within the eCoordinator account. From this point of view you can create, edit, delete, and even copy surveys ultimately attaching a survey(s) to any number of opportunities.

When you first start utilizing eCoordinator or anytime you create a new opportunity, the system will create a "default" survey, called "Log Book Survey." Whether you choose to use the Survey System to its full functionality or not, this default survey guarantees volunteers or users can record hours of service and service performed. This survey is by default comprised of "Hours," "Service Performed," and "Miles"; however any of the three "Logged Data Fields" can be deactivated as defaults during the implementation process or removed by you, the user. You can modify or change the default survey that is attached to all surveys in your account. You can also have more than one default survey if you desire. In addition, you can now:

Have complete control over the look, feel and content of surveys
Copy surveys


The same HTML editor that is part of the eCoordinator e-mail system is now part of the of the screen for creating and editing surveys.



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