Nestled in the volunteer profile you will notice a tab called "Authorizations."

This tab was set up with your organization as part of the customization process. On this page you will store certain information about a volunteer that will qualify or disqualify him or her for volunteer service. The volunteer will either fill out this page through eRecruiter, or they will fill out a paper application and the volunteer coordinator will enter the responses here. Below is an example of what the "Authorizations" page might look like, but remember: it is configurable to your needs.

"Authorization Date" and "Authorized By" are filled in automatically by the system. If the page is being filled out by the volunteer coordinator, the "Authorization Date" will be today's date and "Authorized By" will be the current eCoordinator user's name. If the page is being filled out by the volunteer through eRecruiter, "Authorization Date" will be the date the volunteer filled out the online application and "Authorized By" will be the volunteer's name.


It is not always possible to have your volunteers sign up online. Sometimes you may need to accept paper applications, and, along with those, paper authorizations. At the bottom of this screen is a handy place for you to keep track of paper authorizations you have on file.


Once a volunteer has give you permission to do a background check, you may submit the request through the volunteer data grid.


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