Background Check Data in the Data Grid

Background Check Data in the Data Grid

To quickly view a volunteer's background check status, you can add columns to your data grid for:


BC Auth: Tells you if the combination of answers in the "Authorization" tab are acceptable to your organization. This combination was set up for you as part of the customization process.
BC Auth By: Tells you the last person to update or enter data into the "Authorization" tab. The volunteer through eRecruiter or an eCoordinator user.
BC Auth Date: Tells you the date the authorization tab was last updated.
BC Status: Tells you the current status of the background check
Not ready to check
Background check in progress
Requires Manual Review
Ready for review
Approved with conditions
BC Status By: Tells you who made the most recent change to the background check status. If a volunteer signed up online, "Requires manual review" is set by eRecruiter; if a user requested the background check or set the approval status through eCoordinator, their name will appear here.
BC Status Date: Tells you when the background check was last updated.
Auth/Background Check Authorization: Tells you whether the volunteer gave you permission to run a background check.
Auth/Citizenship: Tells you if the volunteer is a United States Citizen (upon initial registration of any volunteer, please verify).
Auth/Convictions: Tells you if the volunteer has any previous convictions (upon initial registration of any volunteer, please verify).
Any other data fields you have added to the "Authorization" tab will be available to add to your data grid!


Once you have included background check data in your data grid, you can use this information to find specific records. For example, maybe you would like to review the background checks for all volunteers whose status is "Ready for review."


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