Edit Email Template

Edit Email Template

Sending an email through the approval system is almost exactly the same as sending an email from the Email button in your data grid. However, there are a couple of differences worth mentioning:


1. If you are sending an email from the approval system, you are sending the email to the volunteer and/or the contact person for the opportunities in which this volunteer has expressed
2. From the approval system you have the ability to add mail merge fields that are related to your opportunities as well as your volunteers. This way, you can include the title, description, location, start date and most other opportunity detail information in the email to your volunteer or opportunity contact person.

Finally, from the approval system you automatically send your emails through eCoordinator. This ensures that your mail merge fields are included in your email and that the recipients receive all the information you intended to send! If you would like to save a copy of your emails, please add your email address to the bcc field.

To review additional functionality on this page, please refer to the Email section of this help file.

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