Background Info Report

Background Info Report

At the bottom of the Background Check Review page, accessible from the data grid, there is a button that allows you to print all your background check information for a particular volunteer, as a PDF report.


To start, click on the "Background Info Report" button.

The "Background Check Information Report" window opens.

In this window you will select the parameters for your report. You can either use the default "Report Title" or simply click in the box and enter your own title. Additionally, you can choose to include all the background check reports you have run on the volunteer, only the most recent one, or if you leave the check box blank, you do not have to include those reports.


Once you have chosen your parameters, click the "OK" button. If you do not want to continue with your report, click the "Cancel" button.


If you click the "OK" button, your PDF report will open in another window.

From here you can print or save your report. To return to eCoordinator, close this window or choose eCoordinator from your task bar.


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