Omni Search (First Inquiry) Disclaimer

Omni Search (First Inquiry) Disclaimer

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The databases contained in Omni Search (First Inquiry) are updated on a periodic basis and as a result may have gaps and not include certain criminal records, which might be uncovered by performing a national or county search, both of which involve a search records existing in the identified counties on the date the search is conducted. You are also advised that due to the nature of public records and inconclusiveness of demographic identifiers, it is possible that the records reported in Omni Search (First Inquiry) may not be on the same person as an applicant because demographic identifiers may be difficult to distinguish from records on other persons with similar demographic identifiers, particularly those with common names (i.e., it is possible for there to be two persons with identical names and dates of birth where one has a criminal record). As a result, Omni Search (First Inquiry) should be used as part of a more complete background check in instances where "Omni Search (First Inquiry)" indicates the potential existence of a criminal record related to an Applicant, employee or volunteer.

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