Placing and Referring

Placing and Referring

How you differentiate between placing and referring has a lot to do with how you share records. The critical thing to remember is that you cannot create log book entries for a volunteer who has not been placed with an opportunity. Placing a volunteer with an opportunity makes that person a member of the "Volunteers" survey group. A referral is more of a suggestion or a reminder.


You can do searches for people who have been placed or referred, so if you need a list of potential volunteers to give to someone, you can just refer people as you go through the records and then print out a report later. (Please see Searches and Reports to learn more.)


Only the organization that owns an opportunity can refer or place volunteers with that opportunity. Remember, no one owns volunteers.


When you place a volunteer with an opportunity that means that volunteer is ready to be scheduled with that opportunity. You can schedule someone who was not previously placed. When you do schedule that person, they will be automatically placed with the opportunity (please see Scheduling to learn more).


There are three ways you can approach placing and referring: from the volunteer, from the opportunity, or through scheduling. The best way is the way that is easiest and makes the most sense to you.


When you work from the "Volunteers" tab, you are looking at one volunteer and all of the possible opportunities that are available. When you work from the "Opportunities" tab, you are looking at one opportunity and all of the possible volunteers that are available. Again, you can also place fromscheduling.

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