Placing & Referring from Volunteers

Placing & Referring from Volunteers

With the "Volunteers" tab active, check the box next to the volunteer whom you wish to place or refer. Click the "Refer/Place" button in the column of buttons on the left side of your screen.

A screen opens up with a listing of available opportunities. You may choose to see all of the available opportunities or just the opportunities from the current folder. You can do a find or create a search from this screen.

If you want, you can also set up the "Opportunities" display to show data columns for the number of available positions, the starting date of the opportunity and which organization sponsors it by clicking the appropriate check boxes and then "Refresh."


On the bottom half of the same screen there are two other boxes. If you have selected one of the opportunities you can refer it now.

Change your mind? Select the opportunity in the referral box (on the left) and click "Un-Refer." You would also need to select the opportunity in order to use the directional arrows. To move opportunities, they need to be selected.


On the right, we have the placement box. It works just the same as the referral box.


Just remember to click on the opportunity that you want to move to select it.


When you have completed your referrals and placements for this volunteer click "Finish."

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