Placing and Referring from Organizations

Placing and Referring from Organizations

Make sure that your "Organizations" tab is active by clicking on it. Check the box next to the organization with which you wish to place or refer volunteers. Click the "Refer/Place" button in the column of buttons on the left side of your screen. The "Organization Placement" window opens.

In this placement screen you choose the opportunity, connected to this organization, that you want to place or refer volunteers to. This is useful when your local food bank is having a food drive and they have 10 opportunities that day. You can quickly place volunteers with all the organizations opportunities.

You will notice there are some different options for sorting through the volunteers than there were for sorting through the opportunities. You still can choose to show records from "all folders" or "only current folder" and you can also still choose to run a search. But you now have the options of:

Using a filter to select a predefined set of volunteers (like all of the volunteers who have not yet been placed with any opportunity).
Using the search system to create your own, custom built filter.
Using Intelli-Match. Intelli-Match takes into consideration the preferences that you entered into the opportunity profile and matches them with the preferences in the volunteer profiles and ranks the volunteers with how closely they match. This works best if you have filled out the profiles with a high level of detail.
Restriction compatible approved volunteers: Restricts results to show only those volunteers who are compatible with the selected opportunities restrictions. This feature is only available for those using the Background Check functionality.

Make sure that you check the box in front of the tool that you want to identify your volunteers and then click "Refresh" to bring up the results. If you forget to click "Refresh" you will still be looking at the unfiltered complete list of volunteers.


You move things around in the volunteer placement screen just like you did in volunteers, except that this time we are moving people instead of opportunities. Just remember to select the person that you want to move and click on "Finish" when you are finished.


If any of the volunteers you try to place have not been approved for service, you will receive an error message similar to the following.

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