Accessing & Navigating the Calendar

Accessing & Navigating

From any of these tabs click the "Calendar" button on the left to access the system. When you first start scheduling your calendar screen will be blank but after awhile it will look more like this:

Most customers build their schedules from the Opportunities point of view but as you can see above you can select any opportunity or volunteer in the system and view their schedules. This also works for clients. You may also select multiple profiles of different types, click Refresh, and any associated schedule slots for any of them will appear in the calendar view.


There are three principal sections of the screen





Record Selection


Records for opportunities, volunteers and clients (if activated) will be shown. If you selected a certain record on the main grids before clicking the "Calendar" button then only that record will appear in this area and its corresponding schedule data will appear in the main part of the calendar screen (see Section 2, below).


Narrowing Viewed Data:


There are several ways to narrow the data that is viewed for each type of record.


Use or create a Saved Grid: Just select the name of a previously created grid or click "Grid Settings" to create a new one that will then be in the drop down list for selection.
Use or create a Named Search: Just select the name of a previously created search or click "Search System" to create a new one that will then be in the drop down list for selections.
Folders: The "All Data" or "My Data" folders can be queried to show data.
Find: The same idea as the column headers on the main grids. Just type in what you are seeking and click "Find." If you need to return to the complete list of currently available data then click "Show All."
For Volunteers (only) we also give you the option of narrowing which records you see by adding the following
Intelli-Match: You will need to select a single opportunity in the Opportunities window and then click "Intelli-Match" in the volunteers window header. This will sort the volunteers and show you the most promising matches for the opportunity. A numerical % will appear to the left of each volunteers name that shows how close of a match they are to the attributes of the opportunity. The attributes that are reviewed include availability, interests, and skills.
Approved volunteers compatible with this opportunity's restrictions. This applies only to our customers who are using Background Check. If checked, it assures that displayed volunteers are compatible with any restrictions from the opportunity currently selected in the Opportunities area.

Calendar Section

Each time there is a schedule for a selected opportunity, volunteer or client you will see the slots appear in the main calendar. Here are the key elements of the screen:


The currently selected slot will appear with a blue background and bold writing. Details for it will also appear in the slot summary pane (see Section 3, below).

Month Selection: Scroll between months or click the icon to select one.

Calendar Views: Change the layout of the current calendar to show only the currently selected day, week, or month. Selection is chosen based on the currently selected slot and you can move between views at any time. There is also a special "Volunteer Day" view which allows you to compare schedules for selected volunteers when determining whether they should work in a specific opportunity. This will be discussed more later.

Refresh button: Must be clicked each time you want to view slots for newly selected opportunities, volunteers or clients in the main calendar.

Show button: Use this to configure what data appears for each slot on the calendar. Your options are:


Note: One of the options is "Schedule Conflicts," when if selected it will show conflicts between the schedules of currently selected volunteers by adding an alert icon to affected slots. However, doing this requires a great deal of computer processing power and therefore slows down the scheduling system.
New button: Launches the new slot setup screen.
Edit: Launches the slot setup screen for a selected opportunity.
Copy: Copies the currently selected slot on the currently selected day. You can then edit the new instance of the slot to make necessary changes.
Delete: Deletes the selected slot.
Save: Saves the current calendar after making any changes.
Print: Prints the currently selected calendar view, including selected slots. This is a great way to print out a calendar for putting on a bulletin board for volunteers or as a handout for a specific volunteer, depending on which records you select before clicking the "Print" button.
Right-Clicking: You can right-click on any empty day or existing schedule slot to take the following actions:

Slot Summary Pane

The slot summary pane shows some of the information on the currently selected slot in the calendar pane and it is automatically launched or changed each time you select a slot. Use this pane to review data you entered when you created a slot. You may also view current referrals and placements for the slot as well as their gender, age, and phone numbers. The "Pl:Confirm" checkbox (meaning "confirmed placement") is for your use if you are contacting the listed volunteers to confirm whether they will be showing up as scheduled.


If you do not see data you would like to see in this pane, please contact Client Services and they can add it to the display for each specific customer.

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