Log Book Grid Settings

Log Book Grid Settings

Above the log book grid is a box that contains the date range and options for applying the data range. You also have the option to summarize your data or see each individual entry.

Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page after you change your options.


If your grid appears empty when you first open it, please check the "Show from" setting to make sure you are looking far enough into the past to show the entries that you need. You can adjust the date range to reflect the start or end dates or the date on which the entries were made.


Click the "Grid Settings" button to open the window where you will be able to customize your grid.

To customize your Log Book data grid, click on the column titles to select them and then move them between the "Available Columns" and "Selected Columns" lists using the directional arrows. (Selected Columns are those that will appear in your log book grid.) You can change the order of the columns by selecting a column title and clicking the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons. (The order from top to bottom will be the same order from left to right in the grid.) The changes you make will not be implemented until you click "Apply."


Click "OK" to close this window after you have clicked "Apply."


Notice the blue link after "Saved Grids" on the bottom-left of the screen? Click it and it will show information so you can save your grid searches.

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