Approvers System

Approvers System

Volunteers can report hours online but there are times when these hours must be verified (i.e., approved) by a coordinator who witnessed the volunteer’s actions. If you, or another eCoordinator user, are the approval authority you do not need this system. You can select the record from inside the Log Book system and click “Approve” (see Approve Hours). Otherwise, if somebody who is not an eCoordinator approves hours and service, you may want to consider using the Approver System, available as part of version 6.5.


This system allows you to designate someone who does not have eCoordinator access to be an authorized log book entry approver. This works great when your service opportunities or trainings are managed by someone besides yourself or your staff.


Before you start using this system there are some things you should consider:


1. Which service opportunities need me to verify the hours that volunteers served?
2. Of these, how many of them are managed by people who do not have eCoordinator access?
3. Are these people willing to spend a few minutes verifying which volunteers actually showed up?


There are two parts of the system: Internal and External. The “internal” part consists of a screen inside the eCoordinator opportunities system called “Approvers.” The "external" part provides access to the authorized "approver" of an organization or an opportunity in order to verify service reported by the volunteer on said organization or opportunity.


The Approver System requires configuration within the Account Management System (AMS) and the Recruiter Management System (RMS). If you would like to set up the Approver System please contact Client Services at 1-888-904-6060.

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