Setting up an Approver

Setting up an Approver

You can set up one (1) approver for an entire organization or individual approvers for each opportunity. When the Approver System is active an additional tab appears on the organization or opportunity tab.


To set up or edit an opportunity approver edit any opportunity that needs an outside person to have approve hours that are reported by volunteers.

There are really two separate parts to this screen.


Designating an existing approver: The top section allows you to select a previously created “approver” for this opportunity. Just select their name and move them from left to right using the “>>” arrow button.


This screen is also available in the “Organizations” tab of eCoordinator when you edit the record for your organization, event, or associated program. You can set up approvers for ALL of your organization's service opportunities from that screen. By so doing, it then becomes possible to click “Same as Organization” on this screen in the opportunities system and your organization-wide approvers will populate this list automatically.


The bottom part of the screen allows you, as the eCoordinator user, to set up a new approver. Enter all requested information, most importantly their email address. You will need to create a user ID and password for them so they can access their part of the approver system over the Internet.


If you require your approvers to sign a form prior to being authorized then please do so in advance of completing this screen and click “Signed approver information form on file.”


If the approver is to receive emails from the system requesting that they access their part of the approval system (see below) then click “Receive approval notifications.”


An email should be sent to the "notified approver." This email can be set up and maintained in the Email Alert System.

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