Approver Login

Approver Login

The other part of the system is for the use of your newly authorized approvers. To access it they will need to go to a webpage on the Internet and login with the user ID and password you have now created for them. The location of this login page is subject to change and will therefore be sent to you by Client Services. A link could be added on a eRecruiter page, if desired.


Once they login they will see a page that looks like this:

The approver can modify their own personal profile from the “My Profile” tab at the top (just click on the ‘+’ sign) and this will update your record inside eCoordinator as well. In most cases, however, the approver will be taking action on the records themselves, as shown above. The names of the volunteers, which opportunities they reported on and the associated dates are listed in the grid. The approver needs only to click each checkbox on the left side and then click the “Approve” button at the top of the screen.


If, however, the approver wants to disapprove an entry they click the appropriate button at the top of the grid. If they want to change the number of hours a volunteer recorded before approving the entry they can do so by selecting the record and clicking “Edit.”


Once they are finished they should click the “Submit” button and close the screen. Their answers will be recorded inside your eCoordinator Log Book system as if you had, yourself, taken the same actions on the entries. You can review the current status of all approvals by setting up a “Saved Grid” in the Log Book system that searches or sorts the “Approval Status” column by whatever you are seeking.

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