Data Grid (also used for data export)

Data Grid (also used for data export)

The data grid report allows you to create customized reports and print them as PDF files or export them as tab delimited text files.


The first step to creating a data grid is to customize the grid so it contains only the information that you want to appear in the report. The columns will appear in the report in the same order they appear in the grid.

In addition to being able to change the title of the report, you also have the option of changing the headers for the columns.


The reports can be formatted like the other eCoordinator reports in a Adobe Acrobat file or you can use the drop down to select "Text (tab delimited)."


Text files can be saved and then opened using word processor or spreadsheet applications. You can also use them to transfer the data into databases.


"Wrap text" is for text within a column. It will not wrap to additional columns.

"Portrait" is the default page orientation. If you need to fit more columns on the report, change the page orientation to "Landscape."

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