Reports (example with Volunteers)

Reports (example with Volunteers)

This type of report can be accessed only from the "Reports" button on the left side of your screen. The reports are only for the Volunteers, Opportunities and Clients tabs. These reports will provide all attributes except for long text User Defined Fields associated with each volunteer or opportunity. You can choose to print all or only selected records from the grid as shown below:

This is an example of a "Volunteer Report." If more than one record (volunteer or opportunity) is selected, then the information will be displayed one record at a time with attribute information following each record. If you selected several records, a window will appear letting you know that the report has been divided into smaller parts and that you will need to select one part to view at a time.


Long Text fields cannot be added to the data grid and cannot be a part of your reports.

This type of report will always print the creation date on the report.

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