Schedule Report (example with Volunteers)

Schedule Report (example with Volunteers)

This type of report can be accessed from the Volunteers, Opportunities and Clients tabs. Below is an example of how to create a "Volunteer Schedule Report."


The Volunteer Schedule Report is divided into three columns: Time, Opportunity Title, and Slot Description.


Listed are descriptions of what is under the column headings:

“Time” has the volunteer's names (in blue) with the day of the week, date, and the volunteer's schedule listed by opportunity.
“Opportunity Title” has the title of the opportunity. This corresponds to the time listed in the "Time" column.
“Slot Description” has a description of the activity that the volunteer will be performing. The description of activity is the same description that the volunteer coordinator entered on the scheduling screen (as shown below).

An option on the parameter screen is to "Start each group on a new page." The group is either by "Volunteer" or "Date"; it is the radio button selection that determined how you the report would be viewed or grouped by.

This report is helpful in determining who will be doing what on a particular day or for a specific event.



The ending date range on this report will always default to the next month.

The date range on this report must not exceed a one month period.

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