Schedule Report (example with Opportunities)

Schedule Report (example with Opportunities)

This type of report can be accessed from both the Volunteers, Opportunities, and Clients tabs. Below is an example of how to create an "Opportunity Schedule Report."


The Opportunity Schedule Report is divided into four columns: Time, Slot Description, Notes, and Placed.


Listed are descriptions of what is under the column headings:

“Time” has the opportunity (in blue) with the day of the week, date, and time that defines that specific opportunity.
“Slot Description” has the description of the opportunity.
“Notes” have notes associated with the opportunity.
“Placed” have two numbers: the first number is the placed volunteers and the second number is the minimum number of volunteers needed. The numbers are in the same format as what you saw on the calendar.


This report can be grouped by either date or opportunity (which will display in underlined blue under the column heading) and can be run to only show slots that are not filled, (but this is an option that must be checked on the parameters screen).

This report is very useful in determining how many volunteers are in place and how many more are needed for each opportunity.

The report date range is customizable, but must not exceed a one month period.



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