Ride Linking

Ride Linking

Underneath the special pickup and dropoff instructions are the following special checkboxes with the title, “Ride Linking”: 

Use these checkboxes to tell eCoordinator how the rides for a specific volunteer driver link together on a given day. eCoordinator then uses this information to create a driver manifest that includes the actual travel segments necessary to provide the schedule rides. Note that in addition to the rides you actually schedule on the calendar there may be several implied travel segments.


For example, eCoordinator assumes that at the beginning of each day there is a travel segment from the volunteer driver’s residence to the location of the first client pickup. This will appear as the “Start” segment on the driver manifest for any given day. eCoordinator also assumes that there is a travel segment from the last client dropoff back to the volunteer driver’s residence at the end of each day. This will appear as the “End” segment on the driver manifest for any given day.

However, there are often additional implied travel segments that you need to tell eCoordinator about so that they also can be added to the driver manifest. Consider the case where the volunteer driver provides some rides in the morning, goes home for lunch, and then provides some additional rides in the afternoon. To let eCoordinator know that the driver went home for lunch you would need to check the “Driver goes home after this dropoff” checkbox in the profile for the last ride of the morning, or the “Driver comes from home to this pickup” checkbox in the profile for the first ride of the afternoon.


If a driver has several rides scheduled he/she may drop off one client and then immediately travel to the pickup location for the next client creating an “inter-ride travel segment” as he/she drives between the two locations without any clients in the car. If you check the “Driver proceeds directly to next pickup” checkbox for the first ride or the “Driver comes directly from previous dropoff” for the second ride then eCoordinator will add a corresponding inter-ride travel segment between the two rides to the driver manifest for the day.


These additional implied travel segments are also added to the Ride Survey that volunteers or volunteer coordinators use to record mileage and expenses. Depending upon your organization’s policies volunteer driver’s may or may not be reimbursed expenses and departments charged for these implied ride segments. So, it is important to know your organization’s policies and check the appropriate ride linking check boxes if your organization requires it.

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