Placing Volunteers with the Ride

Placing Volunteers with the Ride

At this point we will discuss three different approaches to placing a volunteer with the ride since this may happen in different ways based upon your organization's policies. The three approaches are:

1. Place the volunteer now via the ride profile;
2. Save the current ride and place the volunteer later via a calendar view;
3. Approvals are required: You must submit the ride request, it will be approved by a supervisor and a different person will place a volunteer with the ride.


We will begin by showing the first approach and use it to finish up our discussion of the ride profile. As part of this we will discuss how to place multiple volunteers with a ride, how to unplace a volunteer from a ride, how to view the history of changes to the ride, how to add notes to the ride history and how to save the ride that you have created. After that we will discuss the second and third approaches to placing volunteer drivers with the ride.

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