Narratives: Adding Notes to the Ride History

Narratives: Adding Notes to the Ride History

In the picture shown in the previous section, you may have noticed that there is a button labeled “Add/Edit Notes.” Clicking this button displays the Add/Edit Notes page.

Enter a note that you want to add to the history in the Notes field. Click the OK button to save your notes and add them to the history. If you don’t want to save your notes click the Cancel button.


After clicking OK the history will look something like this:

If you made a mistake in the last set of notes that you added to the history you can click the Insert Previous Notes button and the Notes field will be filled with the last set of Notes that you added to the ride history. You can then edit your notes. When you click the OK button this time your edited notes will be added to the history. Note, however, that since the purpose of the history is to record all changes to the ride, the previous un-edited version of your notes will still appear in the history followed by your new edited notes.



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