Filtering the Rides Shown on the Calendar by Status

Filtering the Rides Shown on the Calendar by Status

When eCoordinator’s Transportation Approval System is enabled a status filter drop down list appears above the calendar. You can use this to filter the rides that are shown on the calendar by status. For example, if it is your job to review and approve or disapprove rides that have been submitted for approval you may select “Submitted” from the list so that you only see those rides that are waiting for you to approve or disapprove them.


Another particularly, useful filter is “Ready for volunteers” as shown below. This filter shows only rides that either don’t require approval or that do require approval and have been approved, thus only the rides that are ready for volunteer drivers to be placed in them. As explained earlier in this manual the placement fractions make it easy to see which rides still need more volunteers. The fractions look like this ”[0/2]”. The first number indicates the number of volunteers currently placed with the ride and the second indicates the minimum number required. Thus, a value of “[0/2]” indicates that zero out of two volunteers needed have been placed with the ride. These fractions appear in red if additional volunteers are still needed for a ride. They are black if the minimum number needed for a ride has been satisfied.

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