The Transportation Log Report

The Transportation Log Report

The Driver Manifest Report represents the plan for a volunteer driver’s trips as scheduled at the beginning of the day. Often plans will change during the day as clients call in with ride cancellations and new ride requests are received. So, depending on how your organization works, the plan may stay accurate throughout the day or it may change almost as soon as the driver leaves his or her home.


To accommodate changes and provide a convenient form on which to record the actual trips taken during a day as well as start times, end times, mileage, expenses, and other notes you can use eCoordinator’s Transportation Log Report.


To print the a Transportation Log Report from inside of eCoordinator right click on any of the volunteers in the list to the left of the calendar and select Transportation Log Report from the right click menu that appears as shown below.

After you select Transportation Log Report from the right click menu, the report will open up in its own window as a PDF file that you can print by clicking on the printer icon in the upper left corner of the window. You can save the report by clicking on the floppy disk icon that is just to the right of the printer icon.


Each row in the report should represent a single travel segment or leg with its own pickup and drop off. If the original driver manifest is fairly accurate you can record the Manifest Ride Number for each travel segment in the first column of the report to help you match up the rides later when recording rides using the ride survey after each day’s driving is done.


Enter an Activity letter in the Ride Outcome column to indicate the results of each ride. The Recorded column is just a place for you to put a checkmark as you enter each ride into the Ride Survey at the end of the day.


You don’t need to record a driver’s hours on the log form. The hours will be calculated automatically from the start and end times of each ride segment.

The information in the Transportation Log Report is customizable. So, please contact Samaritan’s Client Services department if you would like to have different information appear in your organization’s version of the report.

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