The Ride Survey: Reporting Information About a Day’s Rides

The Ride Survey: Reporting Information About a Day’s Rides

eCoordinator provides a special survey, called the Ride Survey, to use with reporting the times, miles, expenses, outcome, and other information related to a day’s rides. In eCoordinator you can open up the ride survey for a particular volunteer and day by right clicking on any of the rides for that volunteer on that specific day in the calendar and then selecting Ride Survey from the right click menu that appears as shown here.

After selecting Ride Survey on the right click menu, the Ride Survey Window will open and look like this:

The survey will be pre-filled with information from the driver manifest for the volunteer driver assigned to the ride you selected and all rides for that driver on that day. If you wish to fill out a Ride Survey for the same volunteer, for for a different day, you may do so by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of the survey, selecting a different day, and then clicking on the Fill From Manifest button.


Each row in the survey corresponds to one ride or travel segment listed in the Driver Manifest Report or one row in the Transportation Log sheet for that same day. Note that the first column in the survey contains the Driver Manifest ride number for each travel segment to help you match things up.


The great thing about the Ride Survey is that it fills in most of the information for you. Note also that it automatically adds the segments that begin and end at the driver’s residence. To complete the survey and report a driver’s rides, you just need to fill in a few items for each segment. In addition, the Ride Survey accommodates for ride segments that span more than a single calendar day.


To enter information into a section of the survey, just click on it with your mouse and it will provide you with the types of controls that are needed for entering each specific type of information. For example, to enter the time that the volunteer left his or her house to go to the first pick up, just click on the on the cell for that value like this:

The cell will open up with controls for entering the hour, minute, and AM/PM value like this:

To close the data entry control for a cell once you are done filling its value, just click anywhere else on the survey form. The control will close and the value you just entered will appear in the cell.


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