Folder Manager

Folder Manager

The "Folder Manager" is at the bottom of the column of buttons on the left side of your main information screen. When you click "Folder Manager" a drop down box appears.

The folder manager options are really very simple. Click on the "Folder Manager" button and three choices will display:

"New" is for creating a folder. The only information field is the name of the folder.
"Edit" is for changing the name of the folder that you have selected. Please see the "Standalone" section for more information.) These folders are an integral part of eCoordinator and therefore cannot be renamed or deleted.
"Delete" is for deleting the entire folder that is selected. You may not delete "My Data" or "Inbox."


Furthermore, you may elect to display the folder name in the eCoordinator account title bar. By selecting the "Show folder name in title" check box from Menu> Tolls> Administrative Options: "Finish" and the folder name will appear in your title:

You cannot rename the "My Data" or "Inbox" folders.


If you have a standalone account you will not have a "Share" button on the left side of your screen nor a "Share Records" selection from the Tools drop down menu bar at the top of your screen.

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