Messages for "Record Sharing and Transfer" screen


If you do not have the "Record Sharing and Transfer" screen open, please open it now by selecting the record (or records) to be transferred, and selecting "Share Records" from "Tools" in the menu bar or click on the "Share" button to the left of your data grid. There is a default message that appears in the message text box. It tells how many opportunities or organizations or volunteers you are transferring and where they are coming from and when they were sent. It is a pretty informative message. Not very exciting, but informative.


You can replace it with your own message if you prefer, add more personalized information to the default message, or just leave it as it is. To change the message, highlight the default text by clicking and dragging your cursor over it and type your own message. It is nice to be able to say things like, "This volunteer would be perfect to work on your festival."


When the recipient clicks on their "Newly Shared Records" button (above the Folder Manager), a box will pop up on their screen that contains the message that was sent with the records.

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