Setup Options

Setup Options

To start with, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Administrative Options" followed by the tab, "Sign-In."

You must have an administrator user ID and password to access this option.

This screen is where you create your Sign-In stations (i.e. the locations where you want volunteers to "Sign-In"). On this window you can specify:

The length of time a volunteer must complete logging their time
A message to the volunteer if they forget to sign-out
When volunteers must complete their log book entries (via Reportback)
The maximum amount of time the volunteer can complete the sign-out process on their own (if the volunteer forgets to sign-out, an eCoordinator user may assist the volunteer with signing-out).
A logo that will appear on the "Sign-In" splash screen
Where all of the sign-in stations will be located. (This includes the station name, a supervisor's name (a resource person for volunteers), and the supervisor's location.)


You can customize your "Sign-In" splash screen by adding your own logo.

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