How to Manually Sign-Out Volunteers

How to Manually Sign-Out Volunteers

What do you do if a volunteer forgets to sign-out in January and it is now February? If the volunteer cannot sign-out (for whatever reason), you, as an eCoordinator user can sign-out this person.


Here are the steps:


First, verify the volunteer is still signed-in. This is easily accomplished if you perform a "Grid Settings" search like the one below:

This search will generate a list of volunteers who forgot to sign-out. (Hopefully, this does not happen too often.)


Next, select this volunteer from the "Volunteer" main information screen. Click "Log Book" and then select "Only Selected Volunteers." Click the "Grid Settings" button on the screen and when the "eCoordinator Log Book System" screen displays, switch the mode to "Details Mode" (found on the upper-right side of your screen). From this point, find the record with the missing hours and sign-out time and select it with a check mark in the checkbox. Then click "Edit." A new screen will display where you can enter the volunteer's hours and service performed. Click "OK."


When someone other than the volunteer signs-out of the Sign-In system, the "Creator Info" will be the person's name listed in the "Change User Information" from the "Account" menu bar.

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