Searching for Specific Opportunities

Searching for Specific Opportunities

Multiple criteria searching:

There may be times when you do not want to search through the opportunities based on the preferences in your profile. You can create a custom search by selecting "Search All Opportunities" and then selecting the categories you wish to search by. After you have selected the categories choose whether you would like to have matches with all of the selected categories or with any of them. Now click the "Search" button under the category list to open the "Search Opportunity" window.


In the "Search Opportunity" window there will be tabs for each of the categories that you selected for this search. Select specific attributes by which you wish to search. You can navigate through the tabs by clicking on the tabs or using the "Next" and "Prev" buttons. When you are finished setting your search criteria please click the "Finish" button. The page will refresh with your search defined list of opportunities.


Zip code searching:

There is also a zip code search that allows you to search for opportunities within or within a certain distance of a particular zip code.


Keyword searching:

You may also search for opportunities by entering text into the appropriate search box and clicking the "Search" button. The following are searchable:

1. Opportunity title
2. Opportunity title and description
3. City and state
4. Country
5. Keyword

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