Accessing "Report My Service / Fill Out a Survey"

Accessing "Report My Service / Fill Out a Survey"

Report My Service/Fill Out a Survey really mean the same thing. The basic log book survey is a service report but surveys can request all sorts of information. Please see the sections on surveys and formatting surveys for information on setting surveys up for your ReportBack volunteers.


Clicking on the "Report My Service/Fill Out a Survey" link opens a screen with a list of surveys from which the volunteer may choose. They can only fill out surveys for opportunities with which they have been placed. If they have not been placed with any opportunities, they will be unable to respond to any surveys.


An eRecruiter prior to 6.1 will appear as:

An eRecruiter 6.1+ will appear according to the colors and styles of your website.

After choosing, filling out and submitting a survey a confirmation message will appear so that they know it was successfully submitted.

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