Posting Opportunities

Posting Opportunities

Once an organization has registered and is logged in, they may start creating opportunity profiles to be posted to the volunteer eRecruiter. Depending on your own configurations and needs, both organization and opportunity profiles can be set up to require approval before anything can appear on the volunteer eRecruiter.

Organizations who are currently logged in will be able to browse through the opportunity profiles that they have created, then choose to broadcast or stop broadcasting.


Samaritan has partnered with and, two national online volunteer service opportunity brokers. Due to this partnership, whenever your organizations publish an opportunity to your volunteer eRecruiter, those opportunities will also be published on these two websites! Remember, publishing may be subject to approval by your or another eCoordinator account user.

Notice the dark green icon next to the bottom opportunity. Green means that this opportunity is being published and is searchable by volunteers on the volunteer eRecruiter. The owner of the volunteer eRecruiter will need to work with Samaritan Client Services in order to configure the system to publish to and Unpublished opportunities appear white. The other three icons represent Edit, Copy and Delete.

When the opportunity (or schedule slot) that is posted has a designated number of needed volunteers, the opportunity (or schedule slot) will be automatically removed from the eRecruiter search results once the maximum number of placements has been reached, with volunteers having been placed via eCoordinator or eRecruiter regardless.


Further information can be found in the "Posting Opportunities on eRecruiter" section.

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