Using eRecruiter to Register Online

Using eRecruiter to Register Online

Volunteers may register on your website by clicking the "Client Registration" link. An empty volunteer profile will open.


All of the required fields (marked with asterisks) must be completed.


Data fields in the eRecruiter client profiles can be are arranged in any order with any field on any tab, or all fields on a single tab. Each tab can be expanded by clicking on it. The section can be contracted by again clicking on the tab. Remember to click on the "Submit" or "Save" image (depending upon the terminology you have selected during implementation customizations) to complete the registration. Clicking the "Submit" or "Save" image before all of the information has all been entered will submit the registration.


You may configure the profiles in your eRecruiter so the default setting for some or all of the client profile sections are open or expanded when a client creates or edits their profile.


After clients submit their registration, a "Thank You" message will display on their screen. You will have the option of clicking on the "Continue" button which will take you to the same screen you would see if you had just logged in.


As long as the client completes the first tab (labeled "Personal"), they will be able to login at a later time to access their profile. This is especially helpful if they accidentally clicked "Finish"!

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