Congratulations! Welcome to the Account Management System (AMS) and Recruiter Management System (RMS) 6.9.2.

You have leased software from Samaritan Technologies' suite of volunteer management software. Whether you are leasing eCoordinator, eRecruiter or both, you have undoubtedly seen that our software is customizable: we can change text, labels, options--even certain functionalities are editable. Perhaps one of the reasons you chose Samaritan Technologies as your volunteer management software vendor is because we offer this kind of flexibility; indeed, we take pride that we provide a software that can be agile enough to meet the needs of our various types of

Many people who purchase an automobile know very little about the engine of the car, how to do a tune-up or make modifications to enhance its performance. But then there are many who have mechanical backgrounds and can tinker under the hood with ease. This volume is meant to be an owner's manual of sorts to the engine of your eCoordinator and eRecruiter account(s). It will be a reference to you as you seek to fine tune what is under the hood.

   Program Access:
Samaritan's Account and Recruiter Management Systems are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

This is meant to be a user's manual at your fingertips. You can use the Table of Contents to find the information that you need. In non-print versions, please use the following buttons to help you flip through the topics of this help file. The following icons are used:

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