Version 8.2, build 8202

Engineering notes - Volunteer Management System - Version 8.2 Build 8202 - Released 12 January 2018

New Features

  • [VMS-4697] - Not Equals Operator for Dependent Regions in Surveys
  • [VMS-4571] - Advanced SIS in eC
  • [VMS-4779] - Add ability to "View" waivers - This will work like "Edit" but will be read only



  • [VMS-4513] - Add Control Improvements
  • [VMS-4592] - Images in emails should not have borders added to them.
  • [VMS-4602] - Add Log Book Entry Approval Button and Link Controls to Volunteer Profile Trainings Tab
  • [VMS-4632] - AMS> Users: On right click, Edit option is not displayed at the top of list
  • [VMS-4633] - eC: Same tab should be opened when you save & close and open again
  • [VMS-4637] - Volunteer Profile Waiver Tab Grid Column Default Settings and Sort Order
  • [VMS-4705] - Multiple references response
  • [VMS-4827] - Add date format to date columns in excel file export
  • [VMS-3461] - Optimization: Add MemCached support to cacheEngine
  • [VMS-4524] - Remove Inbox folder for new accounts.
  • [VMS-4606] - SIS in eC: Database Changes
  • [VMS-4607] - SIS in eC: Sign In Grid
  • [VMS-4608] - SIS in eC: SIS Profiles
  • [VMS-4637] - Volunteer Profile Waiver Tab Grid Column Default Settings and Sort Order
  • [VMS-4652] - New LBE> multi-select volunteer improvement
  • [VMS-4656] - Add "Trainings" column to Volunteer grid
  • [VMS-4657] - "Record a Training" improvement
  • [VMS-4658] - Add "Add Hours" button to vol grid
  • [VMS-4659] - Include [Volunteer Name | Opportunity Title] in Add Hours modal
  • [VMS-4660] - Waivers Expiration Date Options: Copy to Trainings
  • [VMS-4661] - Allow Training Surveys to be Non-opportunity OR Opportunity Surveys
  • [VMS-4684] - Accept h am or h pm format for the start or end time in Add Hours
  • [VMS-4686] - SIS 2.0> Other buttons (except 'New' and 'Generate URL') should be disabled when No station is selected on grid
  • [VMS-4687] - SIS 2.0> Generate URL should not show 'Only Selected Stations' when no station is selected
  • [VMS-4693] - SIS 2.0> Other buttons (except 'Add New') should be disabled when No recipient is selected on Blacklist Grid
  • [VMS-4698] - Disallow role-defining eC logins from accessing eC via coordinator/index.php login page
  • [VMS-4705] - Multiple references response
  • [VMS-4747] - remove ghost records functionality as confusing
  • [VMS-4772] - Add Hours: use Chosen JS control when using AH from Opp Grid> Context Menu
  • [VMS-4871] - System is accepting the duplicate of eRecruiter Email Template
  • [VMS-4907] - SIS Stations get removed by clicking on 'Delete' button without Apply/Finish


  • [VMS-4743] - display non-opp survey title in eR log book


  • [VMS-2452] - UI issue: On eC Calendar right click menu is overlapping with windows right click menu (on IE and FF)
  • [VMS-3983] - eR> Propose a Project: End Date can be before Start Date. Both dates can be in the past
  • [VMS-4028] - Calendar Grid Waiver Related Grid Columns Are Not Filling In
  • [VMS-4275] - SCC eR> Attachments Page: After attaching file, File browsing controls are still displayed
  • [VMS-4405] - AMS> Users horizontal scroll bar is gone
  • [VMS-4407] - Attachment LDF not retaining uploaded file
  • [VMS-4467] - Main Grid -> wrong phone format
  • [VMS-4542] - SCC eC> Trainings: Preview window does not display updated data on survey form
  • [VMS-4544] - SCC eC> Trainings: Clicking "X" does not reset search filter of training survey
  • [VMS-4545] - eC> Vol Profile: Not able to view the history for added notes in "Background Check" tab
  • [VMS-4546] - eC> Main Grid: Vertical scroll is not visible unless maximized browser (FF specific)
  • [VMS-4547] - eC> Trainings: "Date Entered" column is displayed in report even when not configured on the training grid
  • [VMS-4552] - SCC DEV eC> Email template: User is unable to attach data grid reports in format (csv, excel, txt, pdf)
  • [VMS-4553] - SCC DEV eC> Opp profile> Prerequisites: ODBC Error message displayed on Error popup
  • [VMS-4557] - Role based permission not allowing deletion of Log book entry
  • [VMS-4562] - SCC QA eC> Incorrect expiration date displayed when DocuSigned on paper
  • [VMS-4574] - SCC QA eC> Attachment Preview: Download icon does not work on preview of attachment
  • [VMS-4577] - SCC QA eC> LogBook tab: Warning message is not displayed in volunteer profile logbook tab
  • [VMS-4578] - SCC QA eC> Preview Attachment: Download button does not work when user previews other file types
  • [VMS-4580] - eC> LogBook: Waiver data is showing blank in LBE
  • [VMS-4585] - SCC QA eC> Quick Add: Start/End Time of Quick Add are appended by "am/pm" text
  • [VMS-4596] - SCC QA eC> Quick Add: Difference of "1 minute" is observed when logged hours from opportunity tab
  • [VMS-4598] - Waivered Volunteers column of the Opportunity Grid is not filling in
  • [VMS-4600] - SCC QA eC> Trainings tab: Reports missing its "Exclude Columns" on configuration window
  • [VMS-4601] - SCC QA eC> Opp Report: Opportunity Report config window title is incorrect
  • [VMS-4603] - Expiration Date Logged Data Field Status Values Missing in Grid Columns
  • [VMS-4610] - Training Survey Date Range Warning Message Does Not Match Specified Logged Data Field Date Range
  • [VMS-4611] - Reduce Default Approver Note Column with to 300 pixels
  • [VMS-4613] - eC> Volunteer Profile: "Approval" button functionality is not working on Trainings tab
  • [VMS-4614] - eC, automation is not tiggered
  • [VMS-4625] - eC> Administrative Options: Email Queue screen having UI issue
  • [VMS-4626] - Not all records appearing to all users
  • [VMS-4628] - SCC QA eC> Survey/Waiver/Training: Canceling editing of LDF and new survey creates a new survey record
  • [VMS-4629] - SCC QA eC> Survey: Deleting a survey which is not attached to any opportunity shows wrong warning message
  • [VMS-4630] - eC> Schedule Shift: Missing warning message of Start date on editing repetitive slots
  • [VMS-4641] - eC, Calendar, column "Filled Positions" shows incorrect values
  • [VMS-4642] - eR, onsave automation is not triggered when possible duplicate
  • [VMS-4645] - eC, Automations for logbooks ignore user filters
  • [VMS-4646] - Waivers expiring when a minor becomes and adult
  • [VMS-4648] - eC, Automation create incorrect snapshot for phone UDF
  • [VMS-4650] - eC> Vol Profile> Attachments: When "other" attachment is added for the first time then 'Visible to Volunteer' value resets
  • [VMS-4654] - RMS/Emails, 'Vol Self Schedules' email don't have shift's address merge fields
  • [VMS-4664] - eC, onsave Automation for shift ignore condition / formula
  • [VMS-4665] - eC, Opp/Shift Place/Refer Automations should allow condition/formula
  • [VMS-4666] - eC, BC approval email sends wrong attachment
  • [VMS-4671] - eC, LD is not displayed in the training
  • [VMS-4678] - AMS>Attribute>Contact Type: Marked as Email But Email Screens Warns Otherwise
  • [VMS-4681] - Volunteer Name and Opportunity Title are not centralized in "Quick Add" modal
  • [VMS-4708] - eC, Edit logged data resets 'Store As Text'
  • [VMS-4748] - eR#1314: Live instance URL is not working
  • [VMS-4749] - eR#1314: Data loss observed in Volunteer Profile
  • [VMS-4750] - eR#1430:When clicked on 'Edit My Profile' it shows no Information/Fields.
  • [VMS-4757] - eC> Calendar: Poor alignment of "Series Starts on" field label for repeating slots
  • [VMS-4778] - eC, creating log book entry, system ignores end time
  • [VMS-4781] - eC, Add Hours is not working after clicking "Refer / Place"
  • [VMS-4784] - eC, edit log book entry, wrong logged data shown
  • [VMS-4790] - eR, report hours, logged data of type "dropdown with values" is not working
  • [VMS-4798] - eC, Calendar, repeated slot can't be saved
  • [VMS-4799] - AMS user is not able to delete existing account
  • [VMS-4800] - eC, Opp Logbook, new logbook window freezes
  • [VMS-4802] - eC, logbook time is not saved when start time > end time
  • [VMS-4805] - eC> Calendar: While copying opportunity with "opp and slot placements" option, SS placements are not placed/referred in copied Opp
  • [VMS-4806] - eC, when logbook entry expire on date (at midnight), changes not saved into logbook entry's history
  • [VMS-4812] - eC, Vol Logbook, edit log book entry, yes/no is not displayed correctly
  • [VMS-4814] - eC, Calendar, currently selected attachment notes should be saved when slot saved
  • [VMS-4816] - Coordinator, Opp Grid, Email to All placed vol is not sent
  • [VMS-4822] - Exporting data grid report in Excel in Firefox does not create an Excel file
  • [VMS-4829] - eC, Opp profile, History tab, 'Approval::Creation Date' shown incorrectly
  • [VMS-4830] - eC, Logbook, new logbook entry is not saving
  • [VMS-4834] - eC, vol grid, column search resets when edit volunteer
  • [VMS-4838] - eC, when grid column removed from saved grid, change not saved to account's history
  • [VMS-4839] - Opp grid->Opportunity schedule report displays wrong number of placed/needed volunteers
  • [VMS-4841] - eC, Vol Profile, reference solicitation date saved wrong
  • [VMS-4843] - eC, Automations, email preview is not working
  • [VMS-4844] - eC, Survey Editor, error when creating new logged data
  • [VMS-4860] - eC, Calendar, no history entry created when "ends in ... times" changed
  • [VMS-4881] - eC>Opportunity>New>Restrictions tab>Security: "User is able to RIGHT CLICK on the Restriction page".
  • [VMS-4884] - eC, Automations, incorrect next date for the schedule
  • [VMS-4909] - Total hours functionality doesn't work
  • [VMS-4921] - eC, Automations, email is not sent when onsave automation triggered by BC status change
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