Angular Group Functionality


Early Group Functionality

The Angular Group Sign Up Process in build 2.0 and 2.1.0.x provides functionality to match existing recruiter functionality (Group Size).  Additionally, "Group Name" UDFs can be created and tied into the groups module which provides a searchable control and data container for group records.

Group Name Functionality

The Group name functionality allows group names to be added by volunteers to a UDF that is populated throughout the system via the Groups Module.  When a group name is added, it becomes searchable in the list of groups.  This way other group members can find the group and utilize it for schedule shift placements, and logging time.

Setting up Group Name UDFs

Currently, four group fields and an automation are required to configure the Group Name functionality.  Once the UDFs are created, they can be tied into the Angular recruiter through the angular-config.js file. These configurations will enable the Groups Module directives to be used at various locations, such as the "My Groups" page.


Improved Group Functionality

As of build (TBD) of the Angular project, the group sign up process provides a Group Leader the capability to "reserve" openings using the Group Size field.  Then with an access URL other group members can sign up against that Group Size and decrease the Group's reserved availability by 1.

Development Tickets:

  • [NG-428] Add er_placeRefParticipant Method to sDs and Custom Environment
  • [NG-429] Add new fields to placement record
  • [NG-430] Add er_getPlacementDetails to sDs and custom environment
  • [NG-431] Add Ability to get Placement ID



Design Documents:

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