What is Cstools?

What is cstools?

For the code base built using the Angular framework we use cstools as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver and maintain the code.  With few exceptions, all recruiters and other systems built using the Angular framework are pulling source code from of the cstools environments.


Cstools Environments

There are three environments for cstools: cstools Live, cstools QA, and cstools DEV. Each cstools environment will be a different version, from most stable to least.  For bug fixes and improvements, each instance plays a different role.


Cstools Live instance will receive very few (high priority) bug fixes, and only the most critical improvement requests that are medium to low and small scope change.

Cstools QA will receive any medium to low risk bug fix as well as most low risk, medium to low, small scope improvements.

Cstools DEV receives all bug fixes, and all improvements that are of any risk, complexity and have been reduced to a medium or smaller scope.


Priority Legend:

Priority - How important is the change (to Samaritan and our Clients)

Risk - How likely it may break something else, and if it does, how severe is the impact?

Complexity - How complex the code is, and how many places in the code will changes need to be made?

Scope - How large is the request, can it be broken into smaller requests?


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