NG Recruiter 2.2 Release Notes

Angular Recruiter Release 2.2 Notes

These notes refer to current versions in cstools cstoolsqa and cstoolsdev code bases. For more information on cstools click here.


  • d - requires documentation
  • q - requires QA testing
  • i - coding incomplete
  • a - added after release



Engineering Notes - Recruiter - Version 2.2.01 - Release Date: TBD

  • [NG-451] Update to Bootstrap Version 4.0
  • [NG-496] Review eval functions in cstools modules




Bug Fixes - Version 2.2.01 - Released: TBD

  • [NG-XXXX] Title (open/closed)


Items that are marked with a "d" still need documentation, all other items are already documented. For more information on how to use new features, see the User Guide:













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