NG Recruiter 2.2 Release Notes

Release notes - VMS NG - Version 2200


  • [NG-474] - Multiple Max Date Message displays on calendar search results view
  • [NG-709] - eR > Vol Registration (Default value is removed when navigating away from page)
  • [NG-713] - AVAILABILITY attribute not saving from form submit
  • [NG-720] - eR > Slot days out setting is ignored when date range filter greater than max date
  • [NG-721] - SSN field allows letters
  • [NG-722] - SSN field allows invalid entries
  • [NG-724] - Share Link is showing Undefined


  • [NG-725] - Hide the share options when a group reservation link exists for the schedule slot

Release notes - VMS NG - Version 2201


  • [NG-862] - eR > Recruiter calendar not showing scheduled opportunity


  • [NG-712] - Allow Opp Details Contact 1 header to be renamed and/or removed

Release notes - VMS NG - Version 2202


  • [NG-659] - Create "new" and "edit" methods for FAF members
  • [NG-660] - Create FAF members list directive
  • [NG-661] - update volAssign with place in opp/slot method for FAF members
  • [NG-662] - Create modal for selecting which FAF members to place in opp/slot
  • [NG-679] - For new Volunteers: Store new FAF members locally and process them after registering the volunteer
  • [NG-696] - Allow parent to view placements and referrals of all members
  • [NG-711] - Allow members to be removed via remove button and sign up action button
  • [NG-726] - Allow "Group Name" to be automatically populated and/or manually entered
  • [NG-787] - Convert modules to format that can be bundled
  • [NG-812] - Remove FAF properties on opp local records after logout
  • [NG-819] - Org Details Page displays only list of local data stored opp records
  • [NG-820] - Add Website URL Field, Location, Contact Person/Info, Mission statement information
  • [NG-830] - Add System Notification, linked to system-status.php page
  • [NG-832] - Opp Availability should update on local views after placement or removal
  • [NG-834] - Add additional customHtmlSection settings for opp details page
  • [NG-853] - Allow waivers to be called in customAction via requestWaiver
  • [NG-869] - Allow multiple customActions


  • [NG-735] - eR > Report service (Not able to report hours on submit)
  • [NG-742] - eR > Opportunities not displaying for FAF member
  • [NG-755] - schedule slot formatting is happening before config settings are fetched
  • [NG-756] - ER > Forms > Multiple column checkbox w/header templates does not display correctly
  • [NG-766] - Duplicate Record message displays when fields used to check for duplicates are not pulled on login
  • [NG-775] - "load" action on form element in forms > customServices property is not working.
  • [NG-777] - eR > Onboarding dashboard "includeWhen" and "enableWhen" are not working on first load
  • [NG-780] - Dropdown List UDF values do not display on eRec in same order as in eC
  • [NG-784] - Missing dependency getVolData is causing opp details to not load
  • [NG-790] - Logbook History should use start date instead of date entered for new entries
  • [NG-803] - eR > Volunteer Registration page not submitting
  • [NG-807] - Some Field Templates do not pull systemLabel property into label html
  • [NG-811] - Unplacing faf member unplaces parent instead
  • [NG-813] - Sometimes opp Slot list does not populate
  • [NG-814] - eR > Logbook not displaying surveys
  • [NG-821] - Update password modal closes immediately after opening
  • [NG-835] - Enabling Hide Signup button configuration causes search results to not load
  • [NG-836] - Dropdown list of trainings shows multiple "Select a Training" default text items
  • [NG-837] - Opportunity Sign up and removal is not working
  • [NG-838] - Password Update Form is Not Validating Correctly
  • [NG-842] - er_getSurveyList is not returning all training surveys on FXCO
  • [NG-843] - Reference email address not saving
  • [NG-860] - Slot signup buttons are not displaying on calendar modal list view
  • [NG-864] - Opp specific fields are not properly triggering new fields questions on opp sign up
  • [NG-871] - NG Map module is throwing console error


  • [NG-543] - Add "Search" button next to keyword search
  • [NG-686] - Add the ability to add a custom message to the opp search results listings.
  • [NG-763] - Allow searchable dropdown to accept mappedValue property to change the value param
  • [NG-765] - Add OPP_SIGNUP_ACTION field template to formEditor
  • [NG-769] - Header and side nav does not display correct height offset
  • [NG-770] - Merge opp signup login modal template, and login panel template
  • [NG-772] - getValue & checkValue does not work with multiple fields with the same name
  • [NG-774] - Opp attachments are not saving for New Opps or Updated Opps
  • [NG-778] - Reference fields are not always populating
  • [NG-782] - Add TIME inputType formatting
  • [NG-785] - Allow getOpps to not update fetchTime as a parameter option
  • [NG-794] - Allow getOpps to set parameter flagging users who were logged in when the request ran in recordStore
  • [NG-795] - shapeData is not being removed from Google Maps when removed from the directive
  • [NG-796] - Prevent multiple server requests for already fetched system configurations in getSettings
  • [NG-810] - Duplicate Record check is not running when it should, and running too often when it shouldn't
  • [NG-817] - Allow attachments to be keyed using ATTACH_TYPE_ID
  • [NG-818] - Move custom html section for oppPlaceReferList directive
  • [NG-822] - Remove sticky modal from Required Fields modal
  • [NG-854] - Allow waivers to be used with a modal and a survey (no DocuSign)
  • [NG-856] - Update upcoming schedule widget to allow maxDisplayCount setting
  • [NG-858] - Allow DocuSign Waivers to be called on demand (without opp signup)
  • [NG-861] - Allow a Max Shift Placement configuration to be applied when signing up for an opportunity
  • [NG-865] - Allow NG Recruiter to disable refer to opp if volunteer does not meet prerequisites
  • [NG-866] - Allow Requirements Warning Modal Text to be changed
  • [NG-870] - Template URLs are not pulling from correct client cstools environment


  • [NG-717] - eR > Forgot Password "NG Error"
  • [NG-730] - eR > Application > Duplicate record "error" Overlays on field

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